Day Of The Tentacle

Submitted by: Mark Rosenberg (

Here is the complete solution for the silliest game ever invented,
a.k.a. Day Of The Tentacle

(worked out by D.M. after a serious case of overexertion from
laughing too hard)

1.> Watch the introduction. Do NOT skip it if you are running
this walk-through. Why? Because it's meant to be
ENJOY IT, DAMNIT! Now, once you get control of Bernard,walk
over to the grandfather clock, open it, and go inside. You'll
get another long animated this one, too. It's
pretty damn funny; I really like Hoagie, personally. First look
on the bulletin board between the time machine and the
Sludge-O-Matic to find the Super Battery plans and have them
flushed to Hoagie. Now, you can start with either Bernard or
Hoagie...I suggest starting with Bernard and doing all of the
following first...

2.> Go back upstairs and pick the dime up out of the phone.
Ignore the one on the floor in the gum for now. Pick up the
Help Wanted sign in the window, and the vacuum cleaner flier
from the the flier. It may seem extremely silly,
but it comes in handy relatively soon. Go into the office, pick
up the bankbook off the desk, pull the picture and check the don't know the combination yet, so nothing'll happen.
Go over to the desk and open the desk drawer. Take the can of
Booboo-B-Gone. Look at the calendar and see if you catch the
obvious joke. Go through the double doors to the north... note
Oozo the Bop-em Clown. Push him; it's good for a laugh at poor
Bernard and revelation of a "laugh" from the clown. Now walk to
the right and DON'T take one of the guy's cigars...stay away
from them for the time being. You'll note there's a vat of
chattering teeth. Walk back over to the double doors and close
them, walk over to the fireplace and open the air conditioning
vent, then chase the teeth around the room until you maneuver
them into the grate, at which time you can pick them up.

3.> Now go through the swinging door into the kitchen. Take the
two pots of coffee (regular and decaf) and the fork, then walk
through the door into the laundry room. Look in the cabinet and
take the funnel, then head back to the lobby. Walk upstairs and
go into the first room (the one with the W on the door). This
guy is REALLY asleep. Turn on the TV. You'll see an ad for a
huge diamond...for $2 million. Hmmmm....a bit ridiculous, don't
you think? Well, you obviously can't afford that just yet. Use
the dime on the Fickle Fingers machine-the guy will move
slightly, but won't fall off the bed. Note he's lying on a
sweater. Of course, you need that soon. So...close the door
while still in the room. Take the keys that are in the door
out, go back out of the room, downstairs, through the lobby out
the front door (ignoring Dead Cousin Ted for a while), and to
the right to the parking lot where the guy in the ski mask is
attempting to get into the car. Hand him the keys; he'll give
you the crowbar in return. Rather silly, isn't it? Okay, head
back to the house .

4.> When you're in the lobby, use thecrowbar on the dime on the
floor to get it off. Now use the gum with the dime in
it...sick, I know, but it's a cartoon, what more can you expect?
Now you've got another dime. Walk upstairs to room W, use the
dime in the Fickle Fingers machine. The guy will fall off the
bed but keep sleeping. Pick up the sweater; ugh; it's soaking
wet! Now walk out and go to the candy machine and use the
crowbar on it...have Bernard look at the pile of quarters that
comes out; if you don't appreciate that, you're too serious.
Pick up the quarters. No, I don't know where he stores them
all, just DO IT! Now walk over to the next room (room "R")
You can't get in, but you'll note Dwayne has a flag gun-you'll
need that soon. Take the disappearing ink off the dresser,
though. Now walk on down the hall to room "F" and go in; talk
to Green Tentacle a while about his new band and about Purple
Tentacle. Push the stereo speaker near the center of the room
over, then go turn on the stereo. This will dislodge the fake
barf from the ceiling in the lobby (as will be shown in a
cut-scene). Shut the music off when you're finished listening,
then borrow the VCR tape that's there.

5.> Now walk on down the hall and head through the door on the
left side of the screen. Nurse Edna is in here. If you try to
use the VCR, she'll drive you off. So push her out the
door...unfortunately, she'll catch herself with the statue and
catapult back into you. How annoying. Too bad that statue
wasn't there, or rather its arm wasn't walk across
the hall to Weird Ed's room and walk in. Take his hamster. If
you look at his computer, it's got the original Maniac Mansion
game on it. That's fun; you might like to try it. I didn't
yet; maybe next time. Meanwhile, use the disappearing ink on
Ed's stamp collection. You'll wind up in the hall with the book
and stamp hitting you. Pick up the stamp; it's a pony express
stamp. Believe it or not, this comes in handy soon enough. Now
go upstairs and climb through the attic window onto the roof.
then take the crank that's there, then go down the chimney;
you'll wind up back in the novelty salesman convention room.
Walk to the laundry, throw the sweater in the dryer, and use the
quarters (yep, all of them) on it. Go to the lobby and pick up
the fake barf. Head down to the lab (through the clock) and go
see Dr. Fred. Pour the Decaf coffee in his coffee mug; he'll
start sleepwalking and head upstairs, where he'll start playing
with the safe. You can't get the contract; he's opening and
closing it too fast...and at the speed he's turning it, you
can't read the combination. Don't worry, this will all be taken
care of. There's not much else Bernard can do directly right
now, so head him over to the Chron-O-John. It's time to start
sending things back and forth to Hoagie (Laverne's still stuck
in that tree).

6.> A note about the Chron-O-John. Only send ONE thing at a
time...if you have to send multiple things, go to the sender,
flush it, switch to the receiver and pick it up, then switch
back to the sender, etc., until the last thing has been sent.
So, as Bernard, send Hoagie the Help Wanted sign, the vacuum
cleaner flier, and the textbook. As Hoagie, head off right and
talk to Ben Franklin for a while; rather silly, isn't he? Now
head back to the outhouses, then off to the inn. Go to the
mailbox, open it, and take the letter inside. Now go inside,
walk to the clock and open it, then go down the passageway to
meet Red Edison. Hand him the battery plans, then the help
wanted sign. Pick up the left-handed hammer and the lab coat
and exit back upstairs. Note Red said you need oil, vinegar,
and gold. Walk through the door to the kitchen and pick up the
spaghetti and oil (one third done already?) Now go into the
washroom door, pick up the bucket, open the cabinet and get the
brush, then walk back into the kitchen and fill the bucket with
water. Go back to the entrance hall and head upstairs.

7.> The first room is George Washington's. Use the bed, pull
the cord, and leave the room when the maid shows up. Walk to
her cart and take the soap that's there, then go walk to the
next room and go in. Betsy Ross is in here, getting ready to
make the flag. Choose whatever design suits you best; it
doesn't matter which one you pick. Now go out and go to the
next room; pick up the bottle of wine in there, then exit and
continue down the hall. Talk to the horse for a while. I am
not kidding. Use the textbook on the horse and you'll be able
to get the dentures as he falls asleep. (it's the King's Quest
VI joke all over again!) Walk into the room across the hall to
deal with Jed and Ned Edison. Just apologize for coming in,
then walk over to the guy with the hammer, and when he puts it
down, switch the right-handed hammer for the left-handed hammer
(I did this by taking one and putting down the other; every
other switch in the game requires you "use" one object with the
object you want to replace it with) and watch the whole animated
sequence. Note at the end of it, you switch back to the present
briefly to show that the statue has switched which arm is
extended! Well, we'll get back to Bernard in a moment. First,
walk upstairs to the attic, pick up the bucket of red paint, and
go sit on the closer bed. Note the cat moves to investigate,
but doesn't give you enough time to get the mouse. So "use" the
squeaky mattress with the good mattress on the other bed to
switch them (this is also pretty funny), then use the far bed.
When the cat goes to investigate, pick up the squeak mouse toy.

8.> Go downstairs and walk through the double doors again. Hand
the wine bottle to Jefferson (he'll put it in the time capsule,
and this will eventually get you your vinegar), then put the
vacuum cleaner flier in the suggestion box...this makes a
constitutional amendment, believe it or not. Now, walk out to
the kumquat tree. Use the red paint on it; this may seem silly,
but it works later. Now then, walk over to the Chron-O-John and
flush the red paint and the letter from the mailbox to Bernard.
Give control back to Bernard. As Bernard, with new devices in
hand, go upstairs, first back to Dwayne's room, and hand him the
letter; this will let you get into his room and get the flag
gun. Go back downstairs to the novelty convention and "use" the
flag gun with the "cigar lighter" gun, then ask the salesman for
a cigar. Head back upstairs to Nurse Edna's room and give her
another push; this time she'll go out the door (because the
statue is different). Use the VCR to tape Doctor Fred...and his
arrest by the IRS. Now switch the VCR mode to EP and play
back (at slow motion-now you can see the combination-don't
worry, you don't memorize it; Bernard does). Head down to the
safe and open it, and take the contract...which you have to get
signed. So you've gotta free Dr. Fred from the IRS. Climb up
the chimney and go in the window. Remove the rope that's tying
up Dr. Fred and loop it around the pulley. Now go back DOWN the
chimney, tie the other end around Dead Cousin Ted's neck, then
back UP the chimney, out onto the roof, and pull the rope. A
truly great bit of cartoon physics goes into effect here. Now
go back UP the chimney, go into the attic, and use the red paint
on Dead Cousin Ted. Now "use" Ted with Dr. Fred to switch them;
this is really very silly, but it works. Now tie one end of the
rope to Dr. Fred, go out on the roof and pull the rope again;
talk about ridiculous!

9.> Well, you wind up back in Dr. Fred's lab. Use the funnel on
him, then use the regular coffee on the funnel. Talk to him to
try to get him to sign the contratct; it won't work at all until
you pick the option that you'll stop Purple yourself. When he
asks you how, give the first answer; he'll wind up signing the
contract unknowingly. Stick the pony express stamp on the
contract and flush it, the chattering teeth, the cigar, and the
cigar lighter all to Hoagie. Switch to Hoagie, go to the
mailbox, and mail the contract; a cut-scene will show that...oh,
you'll see. Just say that it's so silly that you now have the
bankbook with enough money for the diamond. So switch to
Bernard, go to the phone in the office, and order that diamond.
It'll show up, and Dr. Fred will fix the time, of
course, things get a bit more complex (like they're not
already?) Switch back to Hoagie. Go see George Washington and
challenge him to cut down the "cherry tree." Washington will go
do so...and suddenly you've got control of Laverne as the tree
she was stuck in is gone. How...strange. Stick with Hoagie for
now, though. As a matter of fact, go back to the conference
room and offer Washington the cigar. When it blows up and his
teeth go bye-bye, hand him the chattering teeth...this leads to
a fire being built. Pick up John Hancock's blanket, walk to the
attic, out the window, and cover the chimney with the blanket,
then go back downstairs and you'll be able to go into the room
and get the gold-plated quill pen...two ingredients down, and
still a LONG way to go! Well, it's actually time to switch to
Laverne. Happy happy, joy joy.

10.> Have Laverne talk to the tentacle guard, and claim to be
sick. You'll wind up in the doctor's office; take the tentacle
chart when he leaves, then head straight back to the cell. Talk
to the tentacle again and this time say you have to go to the
bathroom. Head off to the right until you find the
Chron-O-John; flush the scalpel to Bernard. Switch to Bernard,
flush the crank, fake barf, and Booboo-B-gone to Laverne, head
upstairs, and put the hamster in the ice machine. Also head
back to the convention room, use the scalpel on Oozo, get the
Box O' Laughs, and flush it and the fork to Laverne. Now switch
to Laverne, and flush the tentacle chart to Hoagie. Switch to
Hoagie, pick up the tentacle chart. Flush the can opener, toy
mouse, and dentures to Laverne, then go drop the chart on the
designs on Betsy Ross's area. Hmmm...yeah, it's silly, but it
works. Now switch back to Laverne, and head back to the cell.
Now pretend to be sick...AGAIN. This time, head up the
fireplace to the roof, use the crank to get the tentacle
costume, put it on, and head back down the chimney. Go right
and sign up with blue tentacle for the human contest. Now head
out to the hall and walk past the guard and the clock up the
stairs. Look in the ice machine and take out the frozen
hamster. Go in the first room and you'll find the time capsule.
Use the can opener to open it and get the vinegar! Head out to
the Chron-O-John and flush it to Hoagie. Now for one of the
utterly silliest parts of the game...

11.> Switch to Hoagie, and give all three ingredients to Red,
then take the battery-mind you, it's not charged yet, so you've
gotta go see Ben. Actually, Ben won't get lightning until it
rains. I guess you'll have to make it rain, and no, you don't
know a rain dance. However, think about it... when does it
always rain? When you wash your car, right? Go over to the
carriage, use the soap on the pail of water and the brush on the
water to clean the carriage-it'll start raining. I wish I were
kidding. Franklin runs inside; he didn't make his kite
waterproof (what an idiot for such a supposed genius). Follow
him up to his workshop and hand him the lab coat; he'll make a
new kite out of it and you'll wind up back outside holding the
kite. As soon as Franklin leaves, put the battery in the kite,
wait for Ben to say "Now," and push the kite when he does...the
battery will be charged, and Ben will run off with it, leaving
an awful joke and dropping the battery on the ground. Pick up
the battery when he leaves. Well, Hoagie's set to go. Now
we've got to deal with Laverne; God help us all.

12.> Okay, go to room R, wherein sits Dead Cousin Disco Ted.
Put the entry badge on him, put the roller skates on him, and
push him out the door to the human show. Do NOT go in the next
to the next section, which is where the human show is. Talk to
Doctor Tentacle. Now, one of the other contestants, namely
Harold, will beat Ted unless he's disqualified somehow. Use the
fake barf on him. Now you've got to make Ted look impressive.
First use the spaghetti on him, then use the fork on the
spaghetti to "style" it. Next, use the dentures on him, and
finally, use the Box O' Laughs on him. Now go over and nag the
judges three times-first for best hair, then best smile, then
best laugh. Ted will wind up winning the contest and you'll
wind up with him in his room with a trophy and a dinner for two
certificate at Club Tentacle. Pick up the extension cord on the
floor, and head down to the kennel. The guard will offer to
take you out; give him the gift certificate and he'll take off.
Shut off the force field switch; the humans won't escape, but
you'll find out they're afraid of wild animals. Here we go

13.> Head outside and note the black cat. Think Pepe LePew;
head over and use the BooBoo-B-Gone on the fence, then use the
mouse to get the cat. Go use the cat on the humans to scare
them into running (true cartoon insanity when this happens) and
then you can go down to the lab, but don't do it yet. Walk
through the door to the north and through the swinging door into
the kitchen. Put the hamster in the microwave to thaw him out;
note Laverne's little speech designed to keep LucasArts out of
trouble. Well, the hamster's still cold and wet, so go into the
laundry room, where the dryer FINALLY runs out of quarters. Get
the sweater (which has now shrunk to hamster size) and put it on
the hamster. Now go down to the lab and try to use the
generator; the traditional cartoon boxing glove punches out and
knocks you into the time machine; meanwhile, the hamster escapes
and runs into the mousehole. Fortunately, thanks to Hoagie's
Constitutional Amendment, you've got a vacuum cleaner right next
to it. Use the vacuum on the mousehole to get the hamster into
the vacuum, then open the vacuum to get the hamster back, then
put the hamster in the generator. Connect the extension cord to
the generator, throw the other end out the window, and go out of
the lab. Walk to the Chron-O-John and plug it into the
extension cord. You're ready to rock! Now switch to Hoagie and
plug his Chron-O-John into the super battery. Watch the
animated sequence as you all get back, and no, it's not quite
over yet, unfortunately. Well, notice you're all in one body
now. How...embarressing. Okay, here comes the last part.

14.> Leave the honeymoon suite and open the door to Dwayne's
room. Purple Tentacle will shoot you with the shrink ray; run
into the room and through the mousehole into Green Tentacle's
room. Try to pick up the bowling ball; the shrink way will wear
off soon and you'll be able to. Exit the room; Purple's gone,
so head down to the lab. Note the tentacles...ten of
'em...guarding the machine. Kinda looks like a familiar
formation, doesn't it? Yep. Use the bowling ball on 'em, but
then Purple will shrink you again. When you get control back,
talk to him (the ray will wear off again). Use the following
dialogue path: 1st, 4th, 1st, 3rd; along the way of this, he'll
mention he's a dead shot; dead center of the forehead every
time. Note something about what's on Dr. Fred's
forehead...namely, a mirror? When he shoots Fred, the game is
all over; watch the Epilogue and enjoy. As Hoagie would say,
"Game over, dude."

Submitted by: William Blakeley (

Want a walkthrough that's no crap, just the stuff that's important?
Well finally, here it is!


BERNARD: First, open the Grandfather Clock and walk through. In the secret
lab, next to the hamster generator is a paper. Pick it up.
HOAGIE: open the mailbox outside the inn and pick up the letter. Give it to
Bernard. Go up into the attic and pick up the red paint, and go back to the
area with the outhouses. Paint the kumquats on the kumquat tree, then go
into the main hall with the founding fathers. Choose dialogue lines: 1st,
1st, 2nd, 2nd.
LAVERNE: Talk to the tentacle guard, selecting dialogue choice 3. Pick up
the tentacle chart, go through the big door and back to the kennel. Talk to
the tentacle guard again, choosing dialogue 2, and flush the tentacle chart
to Hoagie and the scalpel to Bernard.
HOAGIE: Go upstairs and in the second door. Use the tentacle chart with the
patterns. Flush the can-opener to Laverne and the red paint to Bernard.
BERNARD: Go to the rooftop and give the crank (at the bottom of the
flagpole) to Laverne.
LAVERNE: Go back inside. Speak to the tentacle guard once more (dialogue 3)
and go up the chimney. Use the crank with the crank box, wind the flag down,
pick it up and use it.
BERNARD: Open the grating in the party hall. Walk over to the vat of teeth
on the right, and walk left until you trap the chattering teeth. Pick them
up, then use the scalpel on Oozo the clown and pick up the box o laughs. Go
through the swinging door, and pick up the fork and the two jugs of coffee.
Open the door to the right, go in, open the cabinet and pick up the funnel.
Go into the foyer (main entrance) and pick up the flier and help wanted
sign. Pick up the dime in the pay-phone and go into the office. Open the
desk drawer, pick up the Booboo-B-GoneTM and the Swiss Bankbook, and open
the portrait. Go upstairs and in the first door. Close the door, pick up the
keys and turn on the TV. Open the door, go out and in the next door. Give
the letter to Dwayne, pick up the disappearing ink and the flag gun. Go in
the next door, pick up the videotape and push the speaker; then turn on the
stereo. Turn it off again (if you want), then go out. Go up the stairs, and
into the door on the right. Pick up the hamste
r, use the disappearing ink on the stamp album, then pick up the stamp album
and stamp. Go outside and give the keys to the man breaking into the car. On
your way back to the motel, use the red paint on Dead Cousin Ted. In the
foyer, pick up the fake barf and use the crowbar with the gum with a dime
stuck in it, then eat the gum. Go into the party hall and swap the flag gun
with the cigar lighter. Talk to the cigar salesman (dialogue 2nd, 1st) then
go upstairs. Use the crowbar with the candy machine then pick up the
quarters. Open the ice machine and stick the hamster in there. Walk in the
left door and use both dimes in the FickleFingers coin slot. Pick up the
sweater and go downstairs into the laundry. Use the sweater with the drier
and put the quarters in the coin slot. Flush the textbook, the flier,
chattering teeth, the Help Wanted sign, the cigar lighter, cigar and the
stamp to Hoagie; and flush the fake barf, chattering teeth, box o laughs,
the fork and the Booboo-B-GoneTM to Laverne.
HOAGIE: Go out the door and into George s bedroom (on the left). Use the
bed and pull on the cord. While the maid cleans up, go outside and pick up
the soap on the maid s cart. Open the door on the far right and pick up the
wine bottle. Go upstairs and use the book on the horse. Pick up the teeth
and go up the stairs at the bottom of the screen. Use Ned s bed, then use
the squeaky mattress with Jed s bed. Use the squeaky mattress again and pick
up the rubber mouse when the cat s not there. Go back into the main hall and
through the swinging door. Pick up the oil and spaghetti, then go through
the door on the right. Pick up the bucket, open the cabinet and get the
scrubbing brush; then go back to the kitchen. Use the bucket with the water
pump, then put the soap in the water. Go back into the main hall and use the
flier in the suggestion box. Give the wine bottle to Thomas Jefferson. Give
the exploding cigar to George Washington, then give him the chattering
teeth. Pick up the John Hancock s blanket then go
up to the rooftop. Go back down and pick up the gold-plated quill pen. Go
outside and use the soapy water on the carriage. Give the dentures, the
squeaky mouse toy and the spaghetti to Laverne.
LAVERNE: Go outside and use the Booboo-B-GoneTM on the fence, then use the
squeaky mouse toy with the cat on the rooftop. Go into the hall and talk to
the blue tentacle. Go upstairs, look in the ice machine and pick up the
frozen hamster. Go into the left door and use the can opener with the time
capsule. Pick up the vinegar, go out and in the next door. Put the name tag
on the mummy, and pick up the roller skates. Use them on the mummy, then
push him out the door. Pick up the rollerskates then go out and up the
stairs. Use the wet soggy noodles with the mummy, then use the fork on his
head. Use the box o laughs and the dentures with it (him) too. Then use the
fake barf with Harold. Walk to the highly restricted judging area and talk
to the judges (dialogue 1st, 2nd or 3rd), talk to them again (1st or 2nd),
and again (1st). After you ve won the human show, go back to the kennel and
give the dinner certificate to the tentacle guard. Flip the switch and use
the cat. Go to the kitchen and use the frozen hamst
er in the microwave. Go into the laundry, open the drier and use the tiny
sweater with the hamster. Go down the grandfather clock and use the hamster
with the generator. Use the vacuum cleaner with the mouse hole and open the
hatch. Pick up the dust ball and use it again with the generator. Use the
extension cord with the generator, then with the window. Go outside and plug
in the Chron-O-John. Flush the vinegar to Hoagie.
HOAGIE: Open the grandfather clock and go down. Pick up the left-handed
hammer and give the Help Wanted sign to Red Edison. Pick up the lab coat and
give the patent application to Red. Give him the oil, vinegar and
gold-plated quill pen. Pick up the battery and go up into the room opposite
the horse. Swap the right-handed and left-handed hammers, then go to Ben
Franklin's room (the one with the wine bottle). Give him the lab coat. Use
the battery with the lab coat, then push it when he says Now! Pick up the
battery, then plug it in to the Chron-O-John.
BERNARD: Go downstairs to the secret lab and use the decaf coffee with
Fred s mug. Go up to Nurse Edna s room (opposite Weird Ed Edison s room).
Push her out the door, then use the videotape with the VCR. Look at the VCR,
and push record (the red square). Rewind, flick the bottom-right switch to
EP and play the tape again. Go downstairs into the office, open the safe and
get the contract. Go up the chimney and through the window. Get the rope and
go out the window. Use the rope on the pulley and go down to where Dead
Cousin Ted is. Tie him with the rope, then go back up to the roof and pull
the rope. Go back up to the rooftop and through the window. Use Ted with
Fred (on the bed) then tie Doctor Fred up with the rope. Go outside onto the
rooftop and pull on the rope. In the lab, use the funnel on Doctor Fred and
pour the real coffee into it. Talk to Doctor Fred, dialogue 4th, any choice.
Flush the contract to Hoagie.
HOAGIE: Use the stamp on the contract, then go to the mail box and use the
contract in it.
BERNARD: Use any phone in the house except the pay phone.
THREE-HEADED MONKEY: Go out the door and open the middle one. When you get
shrunk, go inside and through the mouse hole. Wait until you grow large
again and pick up the bowling ball. Go out the door and down into the
basement. Use the bowling ball on the ten Purple Tentacles. Talk to the old
Purple Tentacle and choose dialogue 1st, 4th, 1st, 3rd. Now sit back and
watch the ending!

Submitted by: John barker ()

When lervern wants to scare the prisoners. Go out side and
you will see a cat trying to get under a fence,put the
boobagoon that bernard has on the fence where it is trying
to get out.Then after you have given the guard the invite
to Club Tentacle.Throw it into the cell arfter turning
the electric divice off and they will run off and so will
the tentacle that is guarding the grandfarther clock so
you can go in!!!